Art of Casey Storm
Copper and Green steampunk necklace
October 2010
This statement mixed metal and peyote beaded Steampunk freeform necklace will be a great addition to your jewelry collection.

Metalic copper and bronze freeform beaded flowers, a zinc skull (smiling gleefully) as the centerpiece, with metalic metalic green beaded leaves.

Seed bead and chain branches, decorated with a key charm, celtic knot charm, glass leaves, facetted bronze and copper beads, labradorite chips and segmented copper beads.

Copper cog and a saturn bead linked into the chain.

20" long. The lobster claw clasp can hook to any link in the chain for a completely adjustable necklace. Wear it low or as a choker. A labradorite chip decorates the end of the chain.

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