Art of Casey Storm
fringed mustache
September 12th, 2010
Glass leaves, peridot, labradorite, etc...
I formed a cupid's bow with #11s with the center crease covered with #15s stuffed with three #8s on either side, and the middle tacked down. This is the kind of dimension that I'm pretty sure no one would notice since I covered the outside edge with a thick fringed mustache, but I knew it was there, thus it was important. Often times I cater to the few people who will really inspect and appreciate those little things because I'm one of them.
The fringe pieces start short (3 or 4 beads) at the center and get longer so that they will flow nicely into the beard once I get to that point.
There are glass leaves, green peridot chips, labradorite chips, a brown stone I forget the name of, fringe beads (top-drilled teardrop shaped beads) zinc leaves, firepolish beads, and various glass green beads. Also there are simple back-and-forth beaded twigs and leaves.
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